Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Social Meejah Presence

My lovely friend and PR head honcho Katie Bond from Bloomsbury told me to pull my finger out and get on the case with my social media presence. As the author of the up and coming Parents Survival Guide to Music Lessons I need of course all the help I can get - and as Katie is a legend and award winning publishing PR her words need to be obeyed!
So I dutifully put some thought into what to call my blog, how to set up get another FB page get a 'Google+ page and of course a Twitter account. The next step is to establish myself as a mumsnet blogger. Apparently Mumsnet is where it all goes down.

One of the questions going through my mind was - by separating the personal from the professional am I diluting my 'digital identity'? I guess the answer is a slightly mealy-mouthed 'yes' and 'no'. Prospective readers and 'likers' on FB, Twitter and Google will want to hear my thoughts on music and music education and will most likely not be interested in private in-jokes between myself and all my globally scattered friends.
so here it goes:
the FB page!/MusicalFamilies
Twitter @musicalfamilies
Google + Elizabeth Lawrence

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